Jenna Johnson




Jenna Johnson possesses over fifteen years of combined education, clinical experience and program development. Currently in private practice, Jenna pulls from her years working as a Director for a PHP/IOP program to create a custom clinical approach for each individual. Jenna works from a unique perspective, combining Internal Family Systems and EMDR modalities.

Upon completion of her B.S. in psychology, from Saint Mary’s College of California, Jenna was drawn to sunny southern California to complete a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy.

One of her biggest joys is empowering individuals to recover from their eating disorders and live wholeheartedly. When not in session Jenna enjoys cooking new recipes and spending time with her dog, Izzy.

Susan Zelenak



Susan Zelenak is a Registered Dietitian who currently works at a PHP/IOP level of care to help clients find peace with food and their bodies. Susan takes pride in creating a space for individualized care centered on Intuitive Eating principles and being aligned with Health at Every Size® approach.

Susan completed her undergraduate course work at San Diego State University with her BS in Foods and Nutrition. She then went on to her Dietetic internship through Utah State University and is currently completing her Master’s degree from Utah State with an emphasis on Dietetic Management.

Kelsey Peterson



Kelsey Peterson, MS, RD, CEDRD has been working in the field of eating disorders for the past 8 years. Kelsey graduated from California State University Long Beach (CSULB) with her BS and MS in Nutritional Science. From there she completed her dietetic internship at CSULB and became a registered dietitian. She immediately jumped into the field of eating disorders and became an Intuitive Eating Counselor and received direct mentorship under Evelyn Tribole. She has worked at all levels of care including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. Kelsey is currently in private practice at Nutrition Instincts, a practice rooted in Intuitive Eating principles with a Health at Every Size approach. Kelsey is passionate about her work and is honored to come alongside her clients in their journey of finding peace with food and their body.

Crystal St. John



Crystal St. John has worked with individual, couples, teen, family and women’s issues for the past decade and has had specific experience in therapy work with healing of relational issues, anxiety, depression, body image issues, eating disorders, exercise addictions & aversions, trauma and women’s issues including family transitions & planning as well as perinatal care & maternal wellness, trauma and PTSD. In her work, Crystal incorporates evidence-based treatment modalities that include dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Restoration Therapy through the lens of a strengths-based approach and EMDR. Crystal is also a licensed Body Positive facilitator and holds multiple certifications in personal training and active group wellness where she incorporates body kindness and positivity into her clinical work with those struggling with body image, exercise addiction and/or motivation, life transitions and other issues. Crystal has a sincere compassion and understanding that it’s not easy trusting (a therapist) to walk with you in the most vulnerable areas of one’s lives. It takes not only courage but also trust and she values that space. To support healing and outcomes of change she believes therapy to work in collaboration with her clients to support their specific needs and to offer hope & growth. Her style and approach are holistic and she values one’s own individual story(s) and experience(s). In her free time, Crystal enjoys and prioritizes quality time with her family which includes her husband, son, and dog Nellie. She loves to travel, work on house projects, go to the gym or find a new coffee shop, restaurant or antique shop.

Elisa Quiros



Elisa Quiros works with Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health as the Professional Recovery Liaison in the Southwest United States. Elisa holds an M.ED. in Health Education and Health Promotion with an emphasis in Eating Disorder from the Eating Disorders Institute at Plymouth State University. With nearly 10 years of experience working in Eating Disorder prevention, outreach, and treatment, Elisa is passionate about connecting those in need with the best possible treatment options to support them in their recovery journey.

Kristen Lines



Krissy Lines is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Eating Disorders and Athlete Recovery. Krissy works with the PHP/IOP adult program at UCSD Eating Disorder Center where she co-leads the adult sport and movement groups. She is also the owner of Peace by Piece Nutrition counseling which provides Eating Disorder and Sports counseling and education to San Diego county. Krissy is a proud advocate of the LGBTQIA+ and Health At Every Size (HAES) communities. As a local San Diegan, Krissy loves spending her time at local beaches. She also enjoys sports, hugging animals, traveling with her family, playing music, and painting.

Lindsay Stenovec



Lindsay Stenovec, MS, RD, CEDRD-S, CLEC is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and an Iaedp-approved supervisor. She is the founder of the Intuitive Eating Moms Club and the owner of Nutrition Instincts® – a San Diego-based group private practice specializing in eating disorders, intuitive eating, maternal wellness, family feeding, and diabetes. Nutrition Instincts is rooted in the Health at Every Size(r) paradigm and uses a variety of approaches with clients, including intuitive eating, mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, all within a dietitian’s scope of practice. As the host of The Embodied and Well Moms Show and creator of online body-positive programs for moms, Lindsay is passionate about helping mothers and parents reduce stress and guilt around food and movement by restoring their trust in their bodies, taking weight obsession out of the equation and re-defining health and self-care so that each mother and, in turn, family can thrive. As a clinical supervisor and educator, she is committed to creating professional resources for dietitians and wellness professionals who want to support their pregnant clients with recovering in a “get your body back” culture and fostering positive food and body homes.

Brooke Bellomio



Dr. Bellomio is a California licensed clinical psychologist who has over 10 years of experience as an expert in eating disorder and body image issues, particularly with college populations. Dr. Bellomio has worked in all levels of care from outpatient to residential in various treatment settings focused on eating disorders.

Dr. Bellomio completed her clinical psychology doctorate degree from Antioch University Seattle (2014). She then completed an APPIC doctoral internship at Western Washington University Counseling Center, and went on to complete a post-doctoral internship in the partial hospitalization program at Cambridge Eating Disorder Center in Cambridge, MA.

Currently, Dr. Bellomio works full time as a primary therapist at Montecatini Eating Disorder Treatment Center. In addition, she manages a part-time outpatient practice exclusively working with clients who are struggling with disordered eating in Carlsbad, CA.

Andrea Kent



Andrea Kent has worked as a Registered Dietitian in a broad range of fields, including clinical nutrition, adolescent and adult eating disorder treatment, oncology, and research. This variety has inspired Andrea to bring the Intuitive Eating mindset to other aspects of nutrition, where often there are strict meal plans and unrealistic expectations. Andrea first earned her BA in Communication Research at UC Santa Barbara, before completing a Didactic Program in Dietetics at California State University Long Beach. Following this, Andrea worked in nutrition research at Stanford Prevention Research Center, while completing her Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. Andrea started working in the field of eating disorders during her nutrition degree and most recently worked as an RD at Cielo House, a treatment center in San Jose California. Andrea has worked in both residential, partial hospitalization programs and in the outpatient setting. Currently, she is completing the curriculum to become a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Andrea works as a clinical dietitian at Scripps Memorial Hospital, with plans to open her private practice in the upcoming year.

Jennie Wang-Hall



Dr. Jennie Wang-Hall completed her undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University where she studied psychology and specialized in eating disorder research. During her graduate studies at University of Houston, Jennie continued her research, specifically examining attachment, trauma, and eating disorders. Over the last 9 years, Jennie has worked in all levels of eating disorder care and is passionate about helping individuals with eating disorders create change and move towards a life worth living.

Currently, Jennie is a second year post-doctoral fellow at the UC San Diego Eating Disorders Center and also has a private practice in Oceanside. Jennie has additional sub-specializations in the areas of trauma and clinical perfectionism, common comorbidities with eating disorders. Jennie loves connecting with other eating disorder professionals in the field to facilitate growth, connection, and advancements in science. Jennie is grateful to be a part of the dynamic and dedicated community of eating disorder professionals in the greater San Diego area.

Ian Cohen



Ian Cohen is a Registered Dietitian that passionately believes in eating disorder recovery as a renewal of emotional, physical and mental health. Ian earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia and completed his Didactic Program in Dietetics at California State University at Northridge, during which he spent three years as a dietetic technician working in eating disorder treatment. He then completed his Dietetic Internship through a dual program at the University of Kentucky and Lexington Veterans Affairs Hospital.

While Ian is devoted to exemplary and empathetic treatment on an individual level, he also seeks to apply his principles to a societal platform that will increase body acceptance and deconstruct false narratives about public health. He is currently a member of International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians and a journalist whose work has been published in GQ, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin and The Ringer.

Carolyn Ross



Dr. Carolyn Ross is a internationally known author, speaker, expert and pioneer in the use of Integrative Medicine for the treatment of Eating Disorders, Obesity and Addictions. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan medical school and completed a residency in Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University. She also completed a two-year fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Dr. Ross is board certified in Addiction Medicine and in Preventive Medicine. She is the former head of the eating disorder program at internationally renowned Sierra Tucson. Dr. Ross is a consultant for treatment centers around the US, including the Integrative Life Center in Nashville, TN. She is the author of three books including one of the first books on Binge Eating Disorder:The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook. Her most recent book is The Emotional Eating Workbook (published May, 2016). Her next book, The Food Addiction Workbook is due for publication in the Fall of 2017. In her “former life,” she developed three women’s centers in San Diego (Women’s Health Specialists of San Diego) specializing in general medicine and office gynecology with an integrative approach. Dr. Ross currently has a private practice in Denver, CO and San Diego, CA specializing in treating eating disorders, addictions, and obesity.

Alyson Lischer



Alyson Lischer, MS, LMFT completed her undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University where she attended on a volleyball scholarship and studied criminal justice and psychology. She continued her education at Mount Saint Mary College in Los Angeles, receiving her M.S. in counseling psychology and was elected to represent her class at the Graduate Accolades Ceremony.

Over the last 12 years, Alyson has focused her career on clinical outreach and business development within the mental health field, specializing in eating disorders. Alyson enjoys developing relationships with clinicians, treatment centers, universities and participating actively in a number of professional organizations. Alyson has been actively involved in iaedp over the last ten years, serving as a board member in both Orange County and San Diego Chapters. She is passionate about helping promote further education and resource development for eating disorder professionals to allow us to more effectively treat the clients that we serve. Alyson has been working in eating disorder Admissions for the last 8 years, where she is committed to supporting clients and their families in identifying treatment options that most appropriately fit their clinical needs.